The Ultimate Battle is an action packed epic fan fiction game by William . Its a very big game and is packed with a bunch of characters. When two worlds collide, thier fate is put to the test. Marvel and DC clash in this game of the two worlds. 

It is intended to carry a dark tone to and is intended to show a moral. That nobody's right or wrong. See what happens in this epic clash on 2018. It is split into 3 parts. Stay tuned for more.


After an unsucssesful S.H.I.E.L.D mission with Cap and Widow to stop Dr Doom creting his portal to the next dimmension, things go awry. As for the DC universe, the Flash has to deal with the portal destroying everything in its path. When the worlds collide, the DC heroes face the Marvel heroes seeing them as a threat. The worlds could be destroyed, if the two universes stay together for too long. Extinction. Nevertheless, the heroes then start to see the bigger enemy...

The Ultimate Battle/Story

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